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Fortnite’s season 9 battle pass is all about the future with robots and mechs

This season’s pass has a mech that looks like a chicken

Tilted Towers has been rebuilt and renamed, the Pump Shotgun has been vaulted, and Fortnite season 9 is officially underway. While there may be a huge list of in-game changes, the Fortnite battle pass is back for season 9 to make sure that players have something familiar to hold onto.

With this season’s futuristic theme, the battle pass is filled with all kinds of sleekly designed skins and gliders. The first tier gives you a character in a pilot costume, or a ... chicken mech suit? Later on in the pass there’s an Omega-style robot and the robot from the first teaser for the season.

The pass has 100 tiers of upgrades and over 100 possible cosmetic unlocks. Just like previous battle passes, season 9’s is available in-game for 950 V-Bucks (around $9.50). You can also purchase the Battle Bundle, which gives you the pass and its first 25 levels for 2,800 V-Bucks (around $28) which works out to a slight discount compared to buying those levels later.

If you’d prefer not to pay for the battle pass, all players will receive the silver version of the pass for free and can at least get a few unlocks through that. The silver version also features four of the week’s challenges, but in order to get the last three, you’ll need to upgrade to the full pass. Any progress earned with the silver pass will be carried over if you upgrade to the full version later on in the season.

Fortnite’s season 9 battle pass went live with the first patch of the season on May 9, and will be active until the end of the season on Aug. 1.

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