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Streamer Airwaks and musician RL Grime win second annual Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am

Tfue and Josh Hart took home third place, while Ninja and Marshawn Lynch finished 19th

photo of three men standing around Fortnite Pro-Am trophy
Airwaks and RL Grimes winning the Fortnite Pro Am.
Epic Games

Over the weekend, Epic Games held its second annual Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am and crowned a new duo as the tournament’s champions: Airwaks and RL Grime. The tournament was held during the Fortnite Summer Block Party Celebration in Los Angeles.

The Pro-Am gathered together celebrities, including pro athletes, musicians, models, actors, and influencers, and paired them together with Fortnite pro players and streamers. The duos then competed against one another in four battle royale matches before a winner was crowned, based on points accumulated for eliminations and placement during each match.

In many ways the tournament’s overall winner was decided after just the first game, which was taken by Airwaks and RL Grime. In that game, Airwaks, the streamer and pro player for Solary Esports, racked up 14 eliminations on his way to bringing his musician duo partner to victory. While the points for the Victory Royale were huge for the team, the extra points from the 14 eliminations were what put them over the top.

Ghost Gaming’s Ayden and Robert Abisi from Lost Kings took game 2 with a narrow victory. The third match was won by Typical Gamer and Jimmy O. Yang. Finally, Symfuhny and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts took home the Victory Royale in the final match.

The 2018 event winners were Ninja and Marshmello. While Marshmello didn’t return for the 2019 tournament, Ninja was paired with Marshawn Lynch for the tournament and the duo came in 19th place. Meanwhile, the duo of Tfue and Josh Hart, finished the tournament in third place.

This tournament was the second time that Epic has hosted a summer Pro-Am tournament. Last year’s tournament was held as a tie-in with E3. While the Pro-Am was certainly a big draw for the Summer Block Party the event was also a general Fortnite celebration for fans. During the event, Epic announced a new Prop Hunt game mode, which it also showed off at E3. With the Pro-Am over, Epic’s next big Fortnite tournament will be the World Cup in July.

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