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Fortnite skit highlights Flare Gun, but it isn’t planned as an in-game item

Sorry, you won’t be calling in supply drops anytime soon

Jonsey using the Flare Gun in Fortnite Epic Games
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Correction: We have received confirmation from Epic that there are currently no plans to add a Flare Gun to Fortnite. The video was intended as a humorous skit and was not meant to be an official item or game announcement. We have updated the headline and story accordingly.

Fortnite is always getting new weapons, but fans of the Flare Gun will have to wait.

The weapon was featured over the weekend at Epic’s Fortnite Summer Block Party event, with a new animated trailer staring Jonesy. But there are currently no plans to add the Flare Gun to Fortnite, according to an Epic representative. You can watch the promotional skit below.