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Fortnite’s upcoming prop hunt mode has a twist

Epic’s reviving the classic Gary’s Mod game mode

Fortnite Prop Hunt from DrLupo’s Twitch stream Epic Games via Dr. Lupo
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During E3 last week, Epic Games gave fans a sneak peak at one of Fortnite’s upcoming limited-time modes. The mode is called Prop Hunt, and it will send players on a Hide and Seek quest across the map. Streamers and fans who were at the show even had a chance to play a few rounds of the new mode.

Prop Hunt was originally a mode in Gary’s Mod, and in that game, one team becomes an in-game object and hides somewhere in the map, while another team tries to find what items are actually players. While Fortnite’s version is certainly similar, it does have a few twists that older versions of the mod didn’t include.

In Fortnite’s game mode, one team is tasked with collecting coins and the other with eliminating the coin hunters. The team looking for the coins is armed with a new weapon in the game that will allow them to transform into objects as a means of hiding from the other team. Players on the coin team will have to grab coins when they can and disguise themselves as things like trash cans and fire hydrants to avoid the other team. Every match in the mode will be two rounds. Rounds last five minutes and the teams swap sides when a round ends.

The mode takes place in a specially designed arena that’s littered with objects for the coin players to disguise themselves as. In the arena that Epic was using for the E3 demo, there were several buildings and lawn flamingos, potted plants, as well as all kinds of other random items strewn about.

It’s not clear when this game mode will be release, but players have been excited about prop hunt since it was revealed by data miners back in the beginning of season 9.