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How to watch Fortnite’s mech-vs.-monster fight

This season, the map could be destroyed by an epic monster-vs.-robot fight

A giant mech that that has elements of some of Fortnite’s different skins Epic Games via Polygon

If you’ve been paying attention during Fortnite season 9 you know that a major conflict is likely on the horizon. We may not know what this conflict might be, but we do know when it will happen. According to the in-game countdown clock, the fun action kicks off on Saturday July 20 at 2 p.m. ET.

Before this end-of-season event arrives, it’s worth looking back to see what we might be in for. At the end of season 8, a volcano erupted, launching a molten rock into the frozen heights of Polar Peak. The mountain cracked, unleashing a sea monster whose true form still hasn’t been revealed. Meanwhile — possibly in response to the sea monster? — a giant mech has been built over the last few weeks inside the volcano.

We don’t know for sure what exactly this upcoming event will be, but if there’s one thing we all know about mechs and monsters it’s that they love to fight each other. And, based on the tweets from the official Fortnite account, it seems like we might be in for an old-school kaiju fight.

Or the team at Epic Games might have something else up their sleeve. Either way, to see whatever happens live you’ll need to be logged into Fortnite and inside a game this weekend. We still don’t really know where the event will take place, or how to get the best vantage point, but for past events the game made it pretty clear where you need be positioned before you drop in.

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