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Fortnite’s Dusty Depot may return next season

The map update was teased during the Solo World Cup Finals

Epic’s preview of Fortnite season 10 including a rebuilt Dusty Depot Epic Games

After being absent for the better part of six seasons, it appears that Fortnite’s Dusty Depot will return next season. The tease of the fan-favorite location was revealed during the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals, where commentators CouRageJD, and Dr. Lupo got to show off an image from the new season.

The last time Dusty looked like that was the end of season 3, before the giant asteroid smashed into the map and turned Dusty Depot into Dusty Divot. If the Depot is rebuilt, it’s possible that it could mean the end of the Divot that currently occupies the center of the map. Perhaps it will go back to being flat ground, like it was in season 3 and before, or maybe Epic will put something new there instead.

According to Courage, Epic told the commentator to, “think back” as its only hint about what other changes could be in store for the next season.

Fortnite is currently in its ninth season, with season 10 set to begin on Aug. 1.

Update 7/29: Epic has released the second teaser for Fortnite’s upcoming season. The image, which was tweeted by the Fortnite account on Monday morning, features what looks to be a mech, or robot of some kind. If it is a robot, it’s certainly smaller than the one that fought the sea monster in last weekend’s event. While it’s not clear what exactly this might mean, we can probably expect more changes than old locations like Dusty Depot coming back when this season comes out.

A Fortnite Robot Epic Games

There aren’t many identifying marks in the teaser, but we do see a small symbol on the left side of the image. This symbol is also on the shoulder of the Traveler, the mysterious alien visitor who crash landed on the Fortnite map as part of the meteor that ended season 3. Since that meteor was what destroyed Dusty Divot, it seems that the Traveler could tie-in heavily to the events of next season.

Update 7/30: Epic tweeted the third teaser Tuesday morning, revealing a little bit more about the upcoming season. The teaser appears to shows off the Ragnarok and Drift skins. With these two skins showing up it seems possible that a pattern is starting to emerge with these teasers.

The Ragnarok and Drift Fortnite skins in a teaser for season 10 Epic Games

The first Dusty Depot teaser had to do with season 3, the second teaser had to do with the Traveler and season 4, and now this teaser has two of the most famous and popular skins from season 5. It would appear that Epic is taking us on a tour of previous seasons, possibly hinting at a time-travel theme for the upcoming season.

Update 7/31: The final teaser for the new season has arrived. As many players had already guessed, it looks like the mysterious glowing orb that the giant robot pulled out of the Vault will play a key role in the beginning of the new season.

The latest teaser shows the orb floating above Loot Lake, with Jonesy running away in terror. The orb explodes and the teaser cuts off, leaving us to assume that the explosion causes whatever changes we’re about to see during the next season.

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