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Fortnite’s season X story trailer sends Jonesy back in time

Season X looks like it’s all about time travel

Fortnite’s latest season is just around the corner, and Epic has released the story trailer to give players a preview of what’s to come. While we’ll have to wait until the official patch and patch notes on Thursday to know what the season will hold for sure, the trailer certainly seems to suggest that we’ll be going back in time for season X.

The trailer opens with Jonesy running away from the glowing orb that’s been floating above Loot Lake since the monster attack. The orb explodes, and Jonesy is transported into some alternate reality as he floats through what appears to be time.

As he floats through the purple void, a variety of things from Fortnite’s past fly by him. There’s a Tactical SMG, a Skull Trooper outfit, various buildings that no longer exist, and even some things from old holiday events. All of this ends with Jonesy thrown out of the void, directly outside of a completely unscathed Dusty Depot the instant before the comet crashed into it. Jonesy is able to move, but all of time seems to be frozen around him.

One thing we do know is that the three teasers that Epic released before this trailer hinted at various things from seasons 3, 4, and 5, so it’s possible the game could be taking us on a tour of the past, and visiting each of those seasons along the way.

Fortnite’s season X will begin on Aug. 1.

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