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Someone is building a giant robot in Fortnite’s volcano

Is it going to fight the sea monster?

screenshot of a robot under construction in a volcano
Fortnite’s volcano robot.
Epic Games via Polygon

There are only a few weeks left in Fortnite season 9, and it looks like the season 10 promotion is starting to heat up. This time around the teaser is once again located at the heart of the volcano in the northeast corner of the map. But, instead of an eruption, this time the volcano is a construction site for a massive robot.

For now, only part of the robot’s legs have been built, but it’s already clear that it’s going to be huge. The one leg that’s finished already looks as tall as a dozen players stacked on top of each other, so there’s no telling how big the robot could be once it’s complete.

Also unclear is what exactly the robot might be used for. While it’s possible the robot has no specific purpose at all, or is being used as a tool to destroy some part of the island, there might also be a simpler answer. Maybe the robot is going to fight the monster that’s been roaming the seas for most of the season. If the monster comes to the land, and the robot is there to meet him, it could make for an exciting conflict and a new way to destroy the parts of the map that Epic wants to rebuild in time for season 10.

Fortnite season 9 ends on Aug. 1, so there will likely be an in-game event between now and then. Whatever happens during the event, we’re sure to get a few map changes and even a new theme, when season 10 starts sometime in August.

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