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Fortnite season X battle pass brings new twists to classic skins

Old favorites like Teknique and Rust Lord have new reimagined versions in this battle pass

Some of the skins from Fortnite’s season X battle pass Epic Games
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Fortnite season X is here, and that means there’s a new battle pass full of fresh cosmetics to unlock. While most battle passes in the past have had some kind of theme that held them together, this season’s pass is a little bit different: The theme seems to be Fortnite itself. The pass has a variety of skins that update and reimagine some of Fortnite’s most recognizable classic cosmetics.

The pass has a new female version of the Drift skins, complete with a few extra color schemes, an update of season 4’s Teknique skin, and even a new version of the Rust Lord skin.

Just like previous Fortnite battle passes, this pass has 100 levels each with its own cosmetics to unlock. You can unlock these levels by earning experience from playing games, or by completing challenges that will grant you battle pass stars to help make the leveling process a little quicker. In total, there are over 100 unlockables to be earned through the season X battle pass.

The pass itself costs 950 V-Bucks (about $9.50) to unlock. You can also buy the upgraded version of the pass, which comes with the first 25 levels already unlocked, for 2,800 V-Bucks (about $28). Players can also buy individual levels to upgrade their battle pass, if earning them seems like too much of a time commitment. These tiers cost 150 V-Bucks each.

There’s a free version of the battle pass as well that will offer players a few rewards, but will still let them gain progress for playing matches and completing Limited Time Missions. If you start with the free battle pass then decide to upgrade to the full pass, all progress you earn in the free version will immediately transfer to your full battle pass.

The season X battle pass is live on the Fortnite in-game store now and will be available until Oct. 6.

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