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Here’s how the new Fortnite Champion Series will work for season X

Fortnite’s competitive season never stops

Fortnite Champion Series art with three characters standing on a blue background with a purple haze over the image. Epic Games

The Fortnite World Cup has crowned its champion and catapulted him to internet fame, but that doesn’t mean that Fortnite’s competitive side is taking a break. On Friday afternoon, Epic announced its plans for a new competitive series that will run for all season X.

The new competitive mode will be called the Fortnite Champion Series, and it’s going to look familiar to anyone who followed the World Cup. The competition will have players face off in online qualifiers, each with its own dedicated prize pool. The top teams from each region in each qualifier will then compete in the Season X Championship. The only twist this time around is that rather than Duos and Solos, like at the World Cup, the only mode for the Season X Championship will be Trios.

The Trios qualifiers will start on Aug. 17 and run for five weeks. Just like the World Cup, these qualifiers will take place on Saturday and Sunday each week.

If you don’t want to compete with two of your friends, or you’d just like more chances to win some money, Fortnite will also be adding new tournaments called Cash Cups. These will be single-day competitions where players compete to earn their share of a prize pool. The Solo Cash Cup will start on Aug. 21 and run on Wednesday and Thursday. Meanwhile, Trios Cash Cups will be hosted on Fridays starting on Aug. 23.

Epic also briefly mentions in its announcement something called the Fortnite Spotlight. This will be a new series of tournaments designed to shine light on the larger Fortnite community. The tournaments will be organized by community members and content creators.

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