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Fortnite’s latest crossover is with Borderlands

A nice Tuesday morning surprise

Epic Games and 2K Games have teamed up for a surprising crossover, announced and launching Tuesday: Characters and scenery from Borderlands have come to Fortnite. You can watch the trailer for the crossover at the top of this post.

Players can buy the Psycho bundle from the shop to gain access to a Borderlands character and have Claptrap hang out on their back, or they can just enjoy the new changes to the map without dropping any cash.

“The Pandora Rift Zone has appeared on the map, bringing its iconic planet look with an added bonus — if you go long enough without taking damage, you’ll generate Shield,” the Fortnite team writes in the official blog post. “There are some other surprises for you to discover as you wreak havoc in Pandora.”

There is also new Borderlands content to use in your own creations in Fortnite Creative, complete with a custom camera filter to make everything look ... well, more like Borderlands. A free challenge bundle also lets you earn free Borderlands-themed stuff like “the Mayhem Wrap, Vault Hunter Banner, Psycho Spray, and Crunk Bunny Spray.”

The Borderlands content in Fortnite will be available until Sept. 10, three days before Borderlands 3 is released on Sept. 13.

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