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New Fortnite mech glitch guarantees a win without lifting a finger (Update)

This glitch isn’t exactly what we expected

Fortnite’s new B.R.U.T.E. mech is causing all sorts of problems in the game’s 10th season. Players disliking a new feature is one thing, but a newly reported glitch appears to guarantee the most obnoxious win possible: win by Storm.

YouTuber Fallacy put up a tutorial on how to exploit the glitch, which sends one player over the map’s edge, immune to Storm damage. The glitch involves a duo partner, a mech, and a grenade.

After landing, players need to find a mech and take it to the edge of the game’s landmass before the Storm arrives. Then, they need to lower their health to near-critical levels. Once their health is low, players should chuck a grenade nearby, jump in the mech, and stomp on the grenade. That should knock the player out, and their duo partner can pick them back up.

Alive again, the player needs to jump back in the mech, jump off the landmass, and hit self-destruct in the mech before it hits the water below. At this point the tutorial indicates that the mech should explode, and the player’s body will disappear. However, the game still thinks the player is alive with 1,000 health. It’s possible that Fortnite also reads the player as being a mech, so the Storm doesn’t deal damage either. Effectively, it makes a player immune to all damage.

If players sit in this state for the entire game, the Storm will eventually kill the final duo and award the body-less player the victory. We’re not sure what would happen if different teams used the same glitch in the same match, but we imagine it’s a bit like crossing the streams in that trained professionals shouldn’t even attempt it.

Users report that the glitch is repeatable, although the execution is difficult. In our few attempts, we weren’t even able to get a mech that close to the edge to test it properly.

Polygon has reached out to Epic regarding the issue, and will update this story with any new details.

Update: Epic Games says this exploit was patched out in the latest update, which became available today and also addresses spawn rates for the mechs.

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