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Fortnite fans can get a new glider to celebrate the new year

Set off some fireworks and get your 2020 glider

a Fortnite player flies into a game with Fortnite’s 2020 New Years glider Image: Epic Games via Polygon
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The new year has arrived, and Epic Games is giving players a Fortnite gift to celebrate 2020. While the gift may be free, you will have to complete a challenge to get it. The challenge requires players to head to one of a few different beaches and set off fireworks.

You’ll need to head to Fortnite’s Winterfest Lodge and click on the snowflake at the top of the menu next to the Play button to begin the challenge. Once you’re in the lodge you can click on the stocking on the Fireplace and you’ll get the new frozen firework challenge, as well as every other Winterfest challenge you may have missed so far.

To actually complete the challenge you’ll just need to set off one single firework, which is easy ... as long as you know where they are. Here’s a map of all three locations to get you started.

Fortnite frozen firework locations

A Fortnite map with the locations of Sweaty Sands, Dirty Docks, and Craggy Cliffs marked for the Fireworks challenge Image: Epic Games via Polygon (Original map via Vattenpistol on Reddit)

Once you arrive at any of the three locations, you’ll just need to head to the beach to find the fireworks. They’re easy to spot, and you only need to activate one to finish the challenge.

A Fortnite player activates a firework on the beach at Sweaty Sands Image: Epic Games via Polygon

It might be a good idea to grab a few resources if you find yourself landing with several other players, just so you can build a wall between you and potential threats while you complete the challenge and unlock your 2020 glider.

Since this glider is part of to the Fortnite Winterfest challenges, you’ll have until Jan. 7 to earn the glider.

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