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Fortnite gets new ‘performance mode’ for low-end computers

Laptops are about to get a whole lot better at running Fortnite

Fortnite characters standing against a blue background Image: Epic Games
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Fortnite is already on almost every platform you can imagine (except iOS). But just because a computer can run Fortnite doesn’t mean that it runs the game well. Fortunately, Epic Games is trying to fix that with a new feature called Performance Mode, which should help computers that just meet the game’s minimum specifications run Fortnite a little better.

Performance Mode will prioritize frame rate and stability by sacrificing visual quality. According to Epic, this mode will also put significantly less stress on computers’ CPU and GPU, which should also help things run a little smoother. Players with lower-end specs will be prompted with the option to enter Performance Mode when they first launch the game after the mode’s launch.

Along with Performance Mode, Epic is adding another quality-of-life feature by letting players opt out of downloading Fortnite’s high-resolution textures. Players can disable the textures through the Epic Launcher’s Fortnite options page and it should save about 14 GB of storage space on most computers.

Performance Mode will go live in Fortnite on Dec. 15 and will be available for all players — though those with higher spec computers and newer, more powerful hardware probably shouldn’t switch to the mode.

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