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Fortnite fans are making Kratos dance, and it’s amazing

Boy can he bust it down

artwork of God of War’s Kratos in Fortnite Image: Epic Games

Even after being rebooted, God of War’s tone as a series has leaned toward the stark, serious, and broody — the polar opposite, in other words, of Fortnite’s happy-go-lucky vibe. There was never any doubt that Kratos’ appearance in the battle royale game would be amusing, but now that fans have had a chance to don the deity-killer’s twin axes, it’s clear that everyone underestimated just how funny this crossover actually would actually be.

There’s nothing that can prepare you for watching Kratos paw at the air as a cheerful electronic tune meows in the background, like in this video uploaded by Twitter user Musubi_Azeyma. It’s hilarious enough that God of War franchise creator David Jaffe joked on social media that he was glad Fortnite’s version of Kratos is the one from the 2018 reboot, and not the first iteration of the Greek character.

But perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Sony was willing to make this cameo happen. Beyond building up more hype for the upcoming God of War follow-up on PlayStation 5 that’s slated for 2021, Kratos’ appearance in Fortnite follows a longer history of the muscled rage machine popping up in silly video game situations. Remember the time Kratos went golfing?

Still, I can’t overstate just how delightful it is to watch Kratos perform a variety of Fortnite emotes. In Fortnite, Kratos is less of a stern dad and more of a pop star, as you can see in the videos below. Some players say they bought the Kratos skin specifically to watch him floss and do the Renegade. Others, meanwhile, can’t help but crack jokes about how bewildering this crossover is in action.

And now we wait for the inevitable dance battle that will ensue between Kratos and Master Chief, who is reportedly also coming to Epic’s titanic shooter. Now that we’ve got the power of K-pop at our disposal in Fortnite, this collision of worlds is better than the time everyone forced Thanos to do the Orange Justice.

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