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Fortnite’s new event turned the Storm into water

Here’s what happened in today’s Fortnite event, in case you didn’t get in to see it

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Midas’ solid gold skin from Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 Image: Epic Games
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On Monday afternoon, Fortnite held its latest end-of-season event, The Device. The event seems to altered the Storm and started a chain reaction which could change huge sections of the Fortnite map once season 3 starts on Wednesday.

The event started at the Agency as Midas’ doomsday device was raised high into the sky on a platform. Midas then activated the device, causing explosions and flashes around the map. Suddenly, players were transported into a first-person view of the inside of an office that was all white. After a brief flashback to the normal Fortnite world, players returned to the office where Jonesy — the blond-haired default skin — walks through the door and says he’s surprised to see the player, and to learn that the player character could hear him.

After meeting Jonesy, players returned to the Fortnite world, where the Storm, which normally marks the zone in each match, was replaced entirely with water and there was now a massive hole in the roof of the Agency.

Unfortunately, many players, including Epic creative director Donald Mustard, had to experience the event through streamers rather than in-game themselves due to server capacity. Epic announced that the event would only have a limited capacity, however there was no announcement of what exactly that meant. 30 minutes before the event, as players attempted to log in, Epic tweeted that it was full. Any players who weren’t in the game already were completely unable to launch it.

While the event didn’t necessarily bring some of the massive map changes that many players might have been hoping for, there is still a new season on the way. In normal battle royale matches, the storm remains water, but there are likely to be more changes when the new season officially starts on June 17.

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