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Fortnite’s data miners believe a new area filled with ruins is coming later in the season

Could the new Ruins area have something to do with Aquaman?

Shirtless Jason Mamoa with his Aquaman tattoos in Fortnite Image: Epic Games

Fortnite maps evolve during the game’s seasons, but we may soon be seeing more change than usual. When Fortnite Chapter 2 season 3 began earlier this month the map was covered in water, with only the high ground peaking out. But it seems an entire new area may be uncovered as the water levels recede, at least according to data miners.

Fortnite data miner VollMitBotox, posted a tweet claiming to have found the final stage of this season’s map. Based on the leaked image, it seems that the water will continue to recede, revealing a new area called “The Ruins.”

The water has already started to recede in the latest update, adding some weight to this theory. The map currently has a few newly uncovered areas, including Salty Springs, so it wouldn’t be surprising if more areas were on the way.

While we don’t know what The Ruins might look like, some Fortnite players on Reddit have pointed out that, with Aquaman in this season’s battle pass, it’s possible that these could be Atlantean ruins, hearkening back to the superhero’s under-sea home. As further proof that more Aquaman-themed content is on the way, one Reddit user managed to find the hero’s trident sitting in a rock somewhere in the waters surrounding the island.

Most of this is speculation, for now at least. It’s always possible that the files in question were left in the game from an earlier version, or that Epic Games could decide to go with a different plan entirely.

But, based on the evidence we have so far, it seems pretty likely that before Fortnite season 3 is over, players will have some formerly-undersea ruins to explore.

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