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Here are all the Marvel skins in Fortnite’s new battle pass

Here are all the Marvel outfits in the battle pass for Fortnite’s new season

All of Fortnite’s Marvel-themed skins standing side by side Image: Epic Games
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The Marvel Universe has arrived in Fortnite and the heroes and villains are all over the Chapter 2 season 4 battle pass. The new season’s battle pass has eight Marvel character skins, and each has a unique emote that reveals their true super-hero strength.

The Marvel characters that made their way onto the Fortnite island and into the battle pass are Thor, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Groot, Storm, Mystique, and Doctor Doom and each one is unlocked at a specific level. There’s also a Wolverine skin, but you’ll need to complete all of his unique challenges — which will become available slowly over the next several weeks — to unlock his outfit. To unlock each character’s unique emote you’ll need to unlock the challenge for it, then complete the quest you’re assigned.

The Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 battle pass is available from now until the end of the season, which is currently scheduled for Nov. 30.

Here are each of the character’s skins, the level you unlock them and a brief description of their unique built-in emotes.

Thor (Level 1)

Fortnite’s Thor skin Image: Epic Games

Thor God of Thunder built-in emote (Level 15): Thor harnesses his full power as the Allfather and using the Power Cosmic.

Fortnite’s Thor God of Thunder emote Image: Epic games

Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) (Level 22)

Fortnite’s Jennifer Walters skin Image: Epic Games

She-Hulk Gamma Overload built-in emote (Level 29): Jennifer Walters transforms into She-Hulk.

Fortnite’s She-Hulk skin and emote Image: Epic Games

Groot (Level 38)

Fortnite’s Groot skin Image: Epic Games

Groot Battle Brother built-in emote (Level 46): Groot summons Rocket Racoon to help him in battle.

Fortnite’s Groot and Rocket Raccoon emote Image: Epic Games

Storm (Level 53)

Fortnite’s Storm skin Image: Epic Games

Storm Gale Force built-in emote (Level 60): Storm harnesses the elements.

Fortnite’s Storm emote Image: Epic Games

Doctor Doom (Level 67)

Fortnite’s Doctor Doom Emote Image: Epic Games

Doctor Doom Victory Von Doom built-in emote (Level 74): Doctor doom summons his throne.

Fortnite’s Doctor Doom emote Image: Epic Games

Mystique (Level 80)

Fortnite’s Mystique skin Image: Epic Games

Mystique Shapeshifter built-in emote (Level 86): Mystique takes the appearance of the last target she eliminated

Fortnite’s Mystique emote Image: Epic Games

Tony Stark (Iron Man) (Level 93)

Fortnite’s Tony Stark skin Image: Epic Games

Tony Stark Suit Up built-in emote (Level 100): Tony Stark summons his armor and transforms into Iron Man.

Fortnite’s Iron Man skin and emote Image: Epic Games

Wolverine (Complete unique challenges)

Fortnite’s Wolverine skin Image: Epic Games

Wolverine Snikt! built-in emote (Challenges): Wolverine Summons his signature adamantium claws.

Fortnite’s Wolverine skin with its claws out emote Image: Epic Games

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