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Fortnite’s new season brings Lara Croft and Neymar Jr. to the game

Fortnite chapter 2 season 6 is now adding real sports stars to the battle royale

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Fortnite’s latest season has arrived and that means a new battle pass with tons of different skins. Epic Games is once again expanding Fortnite’s horizons in season 6, welcoming video game characters like Lara Croft, as well as Raven from Teen Titans and real-life sports legends like Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar Jr.

Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar Jr. is Fortnite’s first ever sports legend to appear as a skin, but it’s certainly not the game’s first brush with professional sports. Fortnite has had NFL jerseys in the game for several years now, and just last year Epic partnered with over 20 international soccer clubs to add their kits to the game’s long list of outfits.

Fortnite chapter 2 season 6’s battle pass will also bring another superhero the game with Rebirth Raven. Raven is one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. While plenty of people are probably familiar with the character from her time in the Teen Titans animated series, this Rebirth version of Raven comes from the Teen Titans: Rebirth comics.

The other standout skin from this pass, Lara Croft, seems like she’ll fit right into the theme of Fortnite season 6. With portions of the island reverting to a “Primal” state, there should be plenty of ancient buildings and tombs for her to raid.

Along with these new skins, the battle pass trailer also includes previews of other in-game cosmetics. While these are the cosmetics that Epic has revealed for the season so far, they definitely won’t be the only ones added to Fortnite over the next several months. As with last season, you can expect Epic to continue adding skins all throughout Fortnite season 6.

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