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You can now play Fortnite with all of Brie Larson’s favorite accessories

The bundle includes a new Bushranger outfit style

The Fortnite Bushranger skin with a new custom style designed by Brie Larson and Epic Image: Epic Games

Brie Larson’s favorite Fortnite Locker Loadout is now available for everyone to grab. The bundle even includes a new style for the Bushranger skin that Larson and Epic collaborated to create. Larson announced her new Fortnite bundle Wednesday on Twitter.

The main highlight of Larson’s cosmetic bundle is the new(ish) outfit. Technically, this isn’t a whole new skin — it’s just a style players can select for the Bushranger — but the style is new and very different from the original. The new version has purple leaves with blue hands, a bandolier of mushrooms (which, according to her Twitter bio, she really likes), and a necklace with “BB” on it for Bush Babies, the name of Brie Larson’s in-game squad.

In addition, Larson’s bundle includes the Freemix and Glitter emotes. The Loadout also adds the Buzzy Bag, beehive back bling, and the Honey Hitter harvesting tools, rounding out the bundle’s nature themes. All five of these items are available in the Fortnite store as part of the Brie Larson bundle, and can be purchased for 2,000 V-bucks.

While celebrity involvement with Fortnite is nothing new, Larson’s bundle is a little different from most other collaborations in the past. Previously, Epic Games has added specific Fortnite skins for streamers like Loserfruit or Ninja, or Icon series skins for musicians like Travis Scott and Marshmello. These skins were custom-designed for them and included personally themed accessories, rather than this latest bundle, where Larson just picked some of her favorite items from the in-game shop.

This isn’t the first time that Larson has collaborated with a video game company. Just last year, Larson was a Nintendo ambassador, frequently talking about Animal Crossing and even showing off her island on her YouTube channel.

Of course, Larson is best known for playing Captain Marvel (who already has a Fortnite skin) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it seems she might be bringing a superhero team-up to Fortnite to celebrate her bundle too. Shortly after she announced her Locker Loadout, Larson tweeted at fellow MCU star Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), to see if the Thor star wanted to jump into a few Fortnite matches.

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