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Wonder Woman is getting her own Fortnite skin

Diana Prince will join Batman and Superman in the battle royale

The Wonder Woman skin in Fortnite Image: Epic Games

Fortnite is getting a little more heroic with the addition of a Wonder Woman outfit in an upcoming update.

Diana Prince’s outfit will come with a battle armor variant as well as her iconic regular costume. Of course, the outfit won’t be the only cosmetic for the Amazonian hero. She’ll also be released alongside the Athena’s Battleaxe gathering tool, the DC Trinity loading screen, where she poses with Batman and Superman, the Golden Eagle Wings glider, and the Diana’s Mantle back bling.

The new skin will make Diana Prince the latest member of the Justice League to join Fortnite. Many other heroes have found a place on the Fortnite island in the last several years, including several others from DC, like Beast Boy and Raven, as well as Marvel heroes like Black Widow, and the rest of the Avengers.

Fortnite’s Wonder Woman skin will be released on Aug. 19. To celebrate the release of the new outfit, Epic will also host the Wonder Woman Cup tournament and give players a few challenges to complete, all related to the Amazonian warrior.

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