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Fortnite’s Tilted Towers is back

The latest patch brings back Fortnite’s most popular location

The Chapter 3 version of Fortnite’s Tilted Towers Image: Epic Games

Titled Towers, Fortnite’s most famous and recognizable location, has returned to the battle royale. The game’s most popular landmark rejoined the map with the latest patch, available Tuesday, which also revealed that the city has been hidden in the thawing ice on the new Chapter 3 island.

Tilted Towers, a city full of skyscrapers and destructible buildings, was part of Fortnite’s first battle royale island map. During its time in Chapter 1 from October 2017 to October 2019, Tilted Towers was blown up more than a few times, redesigned once or twice, and even destroyed by players in a touching memorial. But it didn’t make the cut for Chapter 2’s map.

While other areas in Fortnite have proven to be popular, and Chapter 2 had its own fair share of famous destinations, nothing ever reached the cultural consciousness — or in-game popularity of Tilted Towers.

Memes on TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter helped propel Tilted Towers to its status as Fortnite’s most important location; it was also one of the game’s most fun places to fight. The massive buildings gave a great mix of interior and exterior battles that could happen anywhere from street level to a dozen stories off the ground. It was a unique kind of experience that led to 10 or more players dropping there almost every match, so you knew you were always in for an exciting fight.

Tilted Towers’ return isn’t the only thing that this latest Fortnite patch brought to the game. Fortnite patch v19.10 also introduces players to Klombos, giant creatures that wander the island and can be used for some quick transportation. The Klombos are mostly harmless ... unless provoked. These creatures also love another new addition to the island: Klomberries. This new fruit can calm a raging Klombo or be fed to a docile one in return for some random items. The patch also unvaults the grenade launcher from previous seasons.

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