The Future of 007

In recent years, Activision has been pumping out underwhelming James Bond 007 games.

Bond has his introduction on PS3, X360, PC, and Wii with Quantum of Solace - a Treyarch developed game. It was good, but nothing spectacular.

We then saw a re-imagining of Goldeneye with (followed by an HD version) and a subpar 3rd person shooter, known as James Bond 007: Blood Stone.

This past week marks the release of 007 Legends, which marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond on the silver screen. To be fair, it's abysmal. The only golden lining is knowing that Activision looses the 007 license in 2014.

So this begs an important question; who should develop James Bond games in the future?

My love goes out to Naughty Dog.