A Game of Dwarves - My thoughts, and yours?

Hello everyone!

I recently purchased "A Game of Dwarves" through Steam. The game is a wonderful mix of "Towns" (an indie game recently released on Steam through Greenlight) and "Dungeons" (dungeon simulator).

You are a prince, who is looking to become the King of your dwarven clan. But to prove yourself you must first play through each mission, each being different and such. Also on the way, you discover that the evil "Mages" are still amongst the land and you must find a way to destroy them.

The game mechanics are easy and fun, and easily learnt (through first level tutorial). What makes it fun is that you have the ability to sift through each level quite easily and mine each one individually. Similar to the game, "Towns" is that you are given Dwarves which can all specialise in specific roles, either being a "Worker", "Crafter", "Soldier", "Scholar", or "Digger". Most missions you are given dwarves to start off with, and later you can purchase, or in this case "spawn" more from your "Spawn Pool". The dwarves that spawn from there are called "dwarvelings" which can later be changed to a specific role.

The one thing that I found annoying was the fact that you couldn't change the roles of the dwarves if you didn't like the role that you selected for them initially. But this was just a minor hindrance.

The game was great when it came down to building and structuring out your underground base. You can make it so that your whole base intertwined from one location to another and then looping back. Also you could make multi-levelled bases by digging right and just levelling everything correctly.

The enemies in the mines are quite strong and difficult, especially with low level soldiers and also the fact that the enemies in this have a ridiculous dodge and blocking rate. Maybe the other thing that makes this difficult and annoying, is the amount of dodges, blocks and misses on the enemies, while on the other hand they hit you a lot more.

To add to the fun and quirkiness of the game, the text and messages that pop-up are silly and worth reading. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any voices for the text that appear and you have to read all the text and messages.

Overall, I found the game to be fun and entertaining, with a nice twist to the simulation genre. I will recommend buying, seeing that it is only $10 on Steam.

I also want to add, thanks for reading this, please tell me what you thought about this, and also please feel free to provide your own opinion on this game, I would like to know what you guys think,how you guys are finding the game so far and what other games similar to "A Game of Dwarves" would you recommend.