Aliens: Colonial Marines - Let Down?


It's a little too early to judge the game, but it seems that the rating scales are shifting towards disappointment.

Being a huge Alien fan, Aliens specifically, I will never forgive Gearbox if this game is a flop. Normally, I don't give rumours on the internet too much credit, but there are a lot of them popping up about how bad and glitchy the game is turning out to be.

There are reports that the single player campaign is only 5 hours long, and that the game is riddled with bugs and glitchs which seems amature-ish for a developer such as Gearbox. The AI bugs that people are posting are saddening. If this is what we find in a few hours, I'm going to be more disappointed than I was pre-ordering Endwar, and those were some pretty dark times.

Fans deserve a proper iteration of this series, but I can't help but fear that all signs point towards Gearbox dropping the ball

So post your hopes and fears for the game, and then chime in after a few hours when the game is released, so we can all shake our heads or rejoice at what Gearbox was able to do with their "Aliens sequel".