Given my demo impressions of Analogue, is the full version worth considering?

The concept behind the premise, which I assume people reading this are familiar with, is a somewhat interesting mix of futuristic technology and history, but the two only seem to be somewhat connected. The sci-fi element almost feels somewhat unnecessary, like this could have been written as a series of journals from hundreds of years ago.

I've heard various complaints here and there about the many names and relationships being difficult to follow, but what bothers me more than that is that the game's criticism of patriarchy just seems extremely unsubtle. The game flat-out tells me what its message is, which I could deal with if the game were being at all original. The women in the game, while (usually) imperfect, usually can easily be sympathized with, and yet the men seem to have no redeeming characteristics whatsoever. For the game's emphasis of how "Men are honoured, [and] women are abased" in the setting, the writing seems to make the opposite mistake.

It's as though all or nearly all of the men are complicit in this grand, half-explained male-dominant social system that just happens to be there without, as far as I can recall, a real explanation as to how it came to be and how it overcame resistance (which the demo shows to still be alive and well in some form even after the patriarchal system is established). Likewise I find it confusing that a number of female characters in the game, who authored several the journal entries and logs, seem to be awfully well written for people who aren't necessarily given much literacy training..

The main helper *Hyun-ae is kind and charming, but for some reason she just seems too ... fanservice-y, almost: she looks gorgeous, basically has no personality flaws in terms of how she interacts with the player (and the plot twist at the end of the demo felt like it was too premature), and starts talking about romance within a short time after starting the game.

Overall I want to like this game, as while individual character names and relations seem to run together, the general flow of events is simple enough to browse through. The premise could be a good basis for the story, if an uncreative one, but again, the way the interface basically throws its intentions at me, makes me wonder if the author didn't expect me to figure out a very familiar message on my own. "Patriarchy bad" I've heard it before. You don't have to tell me twice.

On a technical level, the neat text-entry prompt gets so little use that it almost seems pointless. More importantly, clicking on the same button for each journal entry in order to hear commentary feels redundant--why not just make the viewing window larger and place the entry and the commentary alongside one another? This would also do wonders for allowing for topical explanations, to where certain words and phrases in the original text would be highlighted and could be clicked to receive more in-depth descriptions of each. Since (mild spoilers) the demo makes mention of multiple *AI helpers, anyway (end spoilers), it would be interesting if each of them focused on and pointed out different subjects. For instance, this helper would be more concerned with the overall history of the setting, and that one would focus on individual relations within families.

And so, to sum up, I'm left wondering whether I can expect the full game to address these questions (the design issues I'm guessing will probably be pretty consistent throughout), or if it will be more of the same. Thanks!

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