Ouya: Exposing The Ignorance of Some "Hardcaurr" Gamers

Yes, "Hardcaurr" gamers. It's a phrase that already is meaningless, why bother spell it right?

Every single Ouya discussion on every single planet on every single solar system involves some people saying the following: "It's Android. It's just gonna have a bunch of phone games. No Good ones." or "If I want a console, I want it to play real games." All these hardcaurr gamers seem to think that this device will be limited by the fact that either 1) It's runs a fairly inexpensive, if not out-of-date processor, and/or 2) It runs on Android.

But the question is, why does that limit the quality of games in any way? Sure it's nowhere near as powerful as any current-gen console, but it is more powerful than any other console before the xbox 360. Are we going to sit hear and say that games before Halo 3, for example, were not fun? Sony could run "Shadow of the Colossus" on an Ouya without a problem (in terms of the tech, of course). Shoot, there are GTA games that look and run better on mobile devices than they do on the console version, and those mobile devices have underclocked processors for the sake of battery life. Are those parkurrrr gamers really going to say that older games are no fun because of the lack of power under the hood? I sure do hope not.

Actually, let's talk about graphics. What's the big deal? It seems that, to darfurrr gamers, graphics reign supreme in the hierarchy of game components. Bad graphics? Bad game, even though graphics is just a subset of the concept of art style, which still isn't primary concern #1. Even if it was, I'm pretty sure we've gone past worrying if a game looks "good enough" for immersion's sake. NFS Most Wanted on mobile, for example, looks fantastic, and that's not including the "...for a mobile game" condition slapped on the end.

And for the record, no, I don't currently plan on getting an Ouya. I want to see what are the great games that indie developers come out with for it before I jump in; plus,the games I most often play (sports, racing, fighting) are not ones very popular in the indie scene. However, I refuse to sell it short because it runs the same OS my tablet does. That... is dumb.