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I'm trying out a new way of getting the community to easily find people playing the same games. So we are making a well organized list for new releases to share each others usernames. We'll have more details on the expansion of this idea soon. But for now to get your username on the list, comment below with your username and platform you'll be playing on. We also have a poll set up for a quick way to see numbers on each platform.

Assassin's Creed 4's Multiplayer Modes

Largely the same as past games but with the addition of Game Lab, a game type modifier similar to what you would find in other games like Halo or Call of Duty. Ubisoft promises to introduce the more popular fan made modes into matchmaking. One example of a custom mode shown off at E3 was Pistoleer, which was a game type using only pistols.

Release dates:

  • Oct. 29: 360/WiiU/PS3
  • Nov. 15: PS4
  • Nov 19: for PC
  • Nov. 22: XB1

From Polygons Review

Ironically, the place where Black Flag felt most like an Assassin's Creed game was in its multiplayer. It's largely unchanged from previous entries, shy of some new quirks to its co-op Wolf Pack mode. But it reminded me of when the series was actually about assassination.

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Note about Next-Gen: I do advise not to vote or add your User ID to games on these unreleased platforms till your one hundred percent sure you will be buying it at the launch of the console. You can always come back later to change your vote and add your User ID to the comments. On top of that, we will have Next-Gen mega threads for each console the week of their release.

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