Is the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham City still worth getting, despite performance issues?

The general consensus on the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham City is that it's an inferior version of the game. Most review sites recommend getting the PC, Xbox 360, or PS3 versions of the game instead, citing cheaper price tags and higher frame-rates.

Here's the thing: I actually don't own a PS3 or 360. I spent the last generation playing Nintendo games on my Wii. I have a PC that I use for the occasional non-Wii multiplats such as Portal 2 and Mirror's Edge, but's it's generally not my platform of choice, partly because I dislike having to fiddle with graphics settings, and partly because I can't take my desktop computer with me to college. If I'm going to play this game, the Wii U is my only option.

However, I HATE bad frame rates, and I ESPECIALLY hate highly variable frame rates, because they make the drops in fps that much harder to ignore. Apparently, both of these issues are very much present in the Wii U version of Arkham City.

So here's the question: Do I get Arkham City now, despite the frame-rate issues on Wii U, or do I wait for Arkham Origins, which is also coming to the Wii U and will almost certainly have fewer performance issues? In most cases, I would wait for Origins, but I'm kind of worried by the fact that Origins is being developed by a different studio. Besides, when Origins comes out this fall, I'm going to have a lot of other games to play.