Shameless BF3 youtube channel promotion.


Well, title pretty much says it. Above is the link to my latest uploaded game and my channel.

About the channel - I regularly upload BF3 gameplay videos since the beta days. It's mostly conquest since there are no other servers left now, but there are some other modes videos. All uploads are in 1080p, game is maxed out on Ultra (PC obviously), and I use GTX 680 which allows for the smoothest framerates possible. I also spend hours encoding and then uploading videos (which are at least 3 gigs in size) to ensure the best quality YouTube can offer, so they are a pleasure to watch on full screen. There are couple of montages (here is a slow-mo one, and some other projects I've been working on, for example I got this "bf3 movie" thingy where I uploaded full single player campaign played on hard without any HUD so that it feels like a movie to watch. I also have a team, and there are some videos from tournaments coming. I also upload other games every now and then, for example recently made my Dishonored gameplay montage and just finished uploading full Medal of Honor Warfighter single player campaign, and will get multiplayer videos up soon, too.

Well, anyhow, main idea is - you want some BF3 gameplay - I got that, in best quality, with some side projects thrown in. All of the gameplay is without commentary, some videos are with communications between my friends heard though.