Beyond: Two Souls - Demo impressions?

Tried out the Beyond: Two Souls demo last night and my first thought was the game looks absolutely stunning. The mo-cap performances and level of detail in the environments were amazing. My second thought: will the gameplay be enough to keep me hooked for an entire playthrough? I put about 7 hours into Heavy Rain and just couldn't keep going. I think a lot of that had less to do with the QTE's and more to do with how unrelentingly dark and depressing that game was. Maybe the narrative will be the difference here. Based on the demo and what little I've seen of the game, it doesn't seem as dark and the supernatural element with controlling Aiden is intriguing. I don't think it'll be a day one purchase for me, but I'm definitely far more interested after having played the demo. Anyone else check it out? What are your thoughts?