Bioshock Infinite: Overhyped, Overscored (read this If you are thinking of buying it)

OK, so I'm looking around at Bioshock Infinite reviews, and they are all good. Really good. All 9s and 10s. So I get this game. Having played Bioshock, I had high hopes. However, going out of the game I was disappointed.

The game was devoid of the exploration that was encouraged in the original. I felt compelled to explore maybe one or two times during the game. There were maybe 6 enemy types, some of whom only appear for small parts of the game, and some that were just retextured versions of enemies encountered previously. The game limits you to three two weapons, which wouldn't be a deal if not for the lack of ammo. This forces you to swap out your fully upgraded weapons for weak, clunky, and generally not fun to play guns. Most of the guns are introduced all at once about two-thirds of the way through the game. After discovering the last weapons, there remains little else in the form of discovery or progression. There also exists a poorly explained and poorly implemented gear system, which provides buffs to your character. After you equip gear you cannot see which you have equipped, which prevents comparison of items.

In addition to the lack of gameplay diversity, the game was shockingly short. I was able to finish the game in 7 hours, which is unacceptable for a $60 game.

Of course there were some high points. The airship level in particular was a joy to play, as it let me explore this mini-sandbox and try out a bunch of techniques in fighting enemies. Unfortunately, levels such as this are few and far between.

In short, I wouldn't recommend BSI due to its rejection of the systems that made the original BS great. Buyer beware.