The Secret Ending (spoilers)

I wanted to share a few thoughts on Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, and subsequent DLC. As such, this is full of spoilers, but I will keep it brief.

With that said, I wanted to share the Secret Ending to Bioshock, revealed in Part 2 of the Infinite DLC. I love the ending because I love the Secret Ending, that maybe a lot of people have missed—it seems that way after looking at reviews and other players' thoughts. Here it is: Jack is the secret to everything and Elizabeth knows it. The question kept burning during the DLC part 2: Why did Elizabeth come back to Rapture? The answer is that when Elizabeth could see all the tears, see saw that Jack (despite 2 endings in Bioshock) was the key in breaking the string of there's always a Man and a City—always a lighthouse. She came back to fulfill Atlas's (Fontaine's) plans to use Jack to eventually bring down the city, she saw the tears where there was a happy ending, and only would happen if she helped Atlas (this idea is aided by the idea that her subconscious knows this and is guiding her).

That's the secret ending, and while there may be a lot of people saying "duh", I feel like this idea needs to be sat on a bit more. Yes we see Jack at the end saving the little sisters, but it was so brief the meaning may have been missed. Elizabeth thought all worlds were without saving, always a man, always a city, and to her point she was right but when see saw the tear where Jack saves the city, does good, it changes everything. This, to me, is a very elegant ending. It explains the original Bioshock in a different way without affecting the beauty of the first game and gives the series a savior.

Thought I'd share my thoughts on this, love what you think if you agree or disagree. Jack was everything, everything in Infinite had to happen to have Jack, the savior of the lighthouses, a glimmer of hope in tears.