Questions about Bloodborne? Ask them here!


Bloodborne, woof, tough game right?

And even if it wasn't already pretty hard, it's also a Souls game (in spirit if not name) which means a lot of convoluted systems with just the bare minimum of explanation.

We're not going to sit here and pretend like we have all the answers. We have, admittedly, a lot of them, collected in our guides, but there's still plenty to uncover. So we've created this post where you can ask questions in the comments below or, if you're feeling charitable to your fellow Hunters, answer some of their queries. We'll also have some Polygon team members who've been sinking a lot of time into the game take a swing as well.

And hey, if you have any tips or strategies that have worked well for you, feel free to add those as well!

Let's figure this thing out together!