Is Call of Duty: Black Ops II broken...?

So I am a casual fan of the COD franchise, I own most of the games and I enjoy playing them. The Halo games are my favorite when it come to shooters, but I like to switch it up now and again.

So I pick up a copy of Black Ops II, and go right for the Multi-player, within a matter of minutes I have been slaughtered multiple times and my K/D ratio is appalling. I thought, hey its been several months since I've played a CoD title, maybe I'm just rusty. I've played it for several weeks now, and my K/D ranges from .99 to 1.01 long story short, I went back to play the older CoD titles and I can still maintain a 1.50-2.0 K/D per match. So here's my question, is anyone else experiencing this? I could just be terrible, but I feel like if that were in fact the case it would be the same for all shooters. Why is it just BO2?

I have my own reasoning for this, I just want to get some feedback from the rest of the gaming community.

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