Get your Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta codes right here!


Hi there everyone, are you ready to get your 360 noskope killz skillz on? Need some extra training before you longshot xXxSm0kezMadBluntz420xXx? We'll be giving out a total of 20 codes for the CoD: BlOps 3 beta so keep an eye out if you miss out on the first batch.

The Black Ops 3 Beta is about 15GB so downloading the client may take some time depending on your connection speed. Make sure that your console is up to date with the latest firmware. To do so:

1. Select the Home button in the center of the controller

2. Scroll up and select Settings

3. Select System Software Update.

Here's how you can redeem your code:

1. Select the PlayStation Store icon the PS4’s Home Screen.

2. In the PlayStation Store, select "Redeem Codes" at the bottom of the menu.

3. Enter the code. Please note that the code is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as displayed.

4. Once the code has been entered, select "Continue".

5. Select "Download" to start downloading the content.

6. Select "Continue" to complete code redemption on the PS4 system.

We’ll give you ten minutes to update before we post the codes here. You’ll need to refresh the page but I’ll post on Twitter at @Symphony_Man one minute before I make the changes so you know when to refresh.

CoD: BlOps 3 Codez 1/4

CoD: BlOps 3 Codez 1/4

CoD: BlOps 3 Codez 3/4

CoD: BlOps 3 Codez 4/4

Check out the MLG skillz of Griffin and Nick below!