Which platform will you get Dark Souls 2 on?

It's now February 2014. DS2 is around the corner for consoles, but the Amazon listing indicates a May 31 release date for PC.

I'm curious to see what platform people are planning to get the game for as well as any particular reasons for that decision, especially if you are pre-ordering or planning on getting a release-day copy.

For instance, I was planning to get DS2 for PC, but I was hoping for it to release closer to its console corollaries. I have an Xbox 360, but I played Dark Souls on PC and found being kind of out of the way in my office space (rather than in the middle of the living room) kind of useful, since it's hard to 'pause' the game in any meaningful way, which is an issue if you share that space with other humans.* Also, I'm assuming the PC version might have some snazzier graphix or whatever, which is good times and so on, and I'm not sure how much more I want to invest in formats that won't be playable on hardware that I get in the future when other options exist. Yet the wait would suck.... I didn't play Dark Souls until last year, and I would love to be able to dive into DS2 at a time when large parts of the game remain fresh and mysterious to the community at large.

* For example, when my wife, on her way out to the shop, wanted my last-minute input on the grocery-list as I was cheeks-deep in my 14th attempt at beating Artorias, I just sort of started sweating, yelled something about jalapenos, and died. Such situations multiply if I can't hide somewhere with a screen that's hidden in a stack of books and crumpled photo-copies.