Darkest Polygon: Lets start a Polygon Dark Souls 2 covenant


Let's talk about Dark Souls 2! There's a nice community here for the Souls games, and I figured it was time we created a separate thread. Some of us have played one or both of the previous games in the series, while others maybe be jumping in with this newest entry. Either way, this will be a place where we can discuss our progress with the game, provide tips for others and even delve into some of the lore in the game.

What I propose is that we form a collective, an alliance of Polynauts to help one another when obstacles stand in our way. A fellowship of jolly-cooperation in all ventures, and the sharing of stories and knowledge around this bonfire we call Polygon. It matters not which platform through which you venture, all are welcome here.

What we call this fellowship will be up to its combined voice but, for now, we will be known as the Darkest Polygon; many faces lost in darkness.


(h/t to Shaun)

Remember to use spoiler tags, as the game is brand new and half the fun is exploring and figuring things out on your own. I would err on the side of caution if you think something is spoilerish. I look forward to hearing about the adventures of my fellow Polynauts in the world of Drangleic!