Dark Souls III: Community Thread 2: Everybody Hates Patches

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A Community Thread for discussing Dark Souls III. This thread is to help us gather round the Bonfire and discuss the game, our experiences, our expectations, our failures, and our triumphs. But please, please, please be respectful of how other people want to experience the game! Don't spoil anything, even though it is exciting to explore a new game.Note that this is the current thread, and the first one will be closed soon.

Rules of Engagement

Above and beyond the regular Community Guidelines, please stick to the following rules (that I cannot enforce) in your comments:

  1. Boss names, Area names, and plot points go in the "Spoilers" tag (the black box icon on the editor). No exceptions. Do it.
  2. You can discuss specific areas, bosses etc, but keep the points from above in spoilers. We can then choose what we expose ourselves to.
  3. Keep on topic. If discussing one area (in spoilers), keep that set of replies focussed on that area. If you want to talk about something else, start a new comment/reply chain.
  4. Respect each other. Extrapolating from previous games, most bosses seem "easy" once you have beaten them. While you are still struggling with them, they seem insurmountable. Don't give out the "GIT GUD" or "that was easy!" response. Be helpful, or be sympathetic.

Useful Links

Other than that, welcome to Dark Souls III! I am working my way through slowly, so I feel your pain.

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