A note from the (reviews) editor: No release-day Destiny review (update)

Hello friends. Unfortunately, I have some sub-optimal news: Destiny developer Bungie and publisher Activision have decided to ship out review copies for their game for arrival on Monday, Sept. 8. As the game launches on Sept. 9, there is no practical way for us to have a Destiny review in time for its launch at midnight on the 9th in your territory of choice.

Our reviewer — in this case, Phil Kollar — will be jumping on ASAP and will work as quickly as possible to get the game reviewed, but it's difficult to pinpoint when that will be. In the interim, we will be streaming quite a lot of Destiny as the review process unfolds.

(Update: Destiny's PR team has reached out to inform Polygon that review copies will arrive Friday afternoon this week. However, the servers will not be live until Monday morning. That said, there are no video restrictions, so we will in all likelihood be streaming Destiny beginning Sept. 8, the Monday morning before release.)

In the meantime, here is a cat in a sock: