I Need Help Getting into the Game

Okay, I'm one of those idiots who missed the game when it first came out. After I played Human Revolution (which is currently my favorite in this gen), I decided to go back to the first game just to see how great it is. I played it for about 2 hours, and I was liking everything about it so far, except for the stealth and combat. I have played plenty of old FPS like the first Medal of Honor and Return to Castle Wolfenstein and loved them (Though when I was a kid I did think something was fundamentally wrong with FPS about not being able to avoid getting hurt and the only way to recover is picking up healing items), at least before Halo and MW came out, but for some reason I just feel that the combat in Deus Ex just doesn't... aged too well?

So it's there anything a jerk like me can do to make myself enjoy the game more?