Happy 20th Birthday, Donkey Kong Country

I feel so darn old. This week sees the birthday of an old friend. I first played Donkey Kong Country when it came with my SNES as a pack-in as part of the DKC Crate bundle. I have a lot of great memories about this game, the soundtrack being one of the most memorable parts of the whole experience.

The game was first released on Nov. 21, 1994 in the U.S., Nov. 24 in Europe, and on Nov. 26 in Australia.

Watching Cranky Kong … err … crank that phonograph before Donkey Kong decides to crash his party with a boombox was pretty great stuff. That Rare/Nintendo brand of humor sure was great in 1994.

I really wish that I could play this game again outside of purchasing a Wii U, and let my girlfriend experience it for the first time. It's truly a magical game. Happy birthday week, Donkey Kong Country.

Source: @Stealth___ (Twitter)