GIFAWAY II ENDED: Post an awesome Gif and you could win a copy of Dragon Fantasy Book I


Another day, another giveaway - yesterday it was Polygon intern Johnathan Eustice throwing codes for Guild Wars 2 trials - today I'm giving out some codes for the recently hatched Dragon Fantasy Book 1 which released today for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

In order to keep things light I'm going to call for Gifaway II: The Giffening. So the rules of the gifaway are the same as the last time. You get one GIF, it has to be safe for work and the top 5 recommended gifs win a code.

For those who don't know what a gif is it's a series of images strung together to deliver either an endearing message of love and understanding, or to remind PaddyStardust of his place as seen above.

You've got until 17:00 Pacific on April 17th to get your entries up folks. I mean, there's a gif for everything - including winning right? Remember, the top 5 recommends win so share the love folks. Trailer below.

Contest over, here are your chosen winners community:






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