Dragons Dogma Pawn Shop!

Howdy all! I've been playing with Dragons Dogma this week, and upon jumping into the Rift, I was met with a host of awesome looking dude-fellows and girl-fellows, belonging to you lot. I've not used any yet, as their level would ultimately break my game :D

I propose a Pawn Shop, where we can share our Pawns names, levels, specialities and what platform they live on, so we can all enjoy some jolly co-operation!

(Massive callout to Nipahs So You Want To Play Dragon's Dogma thread, cracking read, great info for a beginner)

This is my team, Two's Company And Friends. Arisen is the golden haired chap, known as Amgod, and the big lad is my main Pawn, known as S'nogard. The scar on Amgods face isn't a real scar, it's makeup, to make him look cool.


Pawn Name: S'Nogard

Platform: PS3

PSN Name: PaddyStardust

Level: 12 (at time of writing)

Class: Mage

Specialities: Ice magic and healing, mostly casts buffs to weapons and ice spells

Notes: A deep, booming voice covers up his inner insecurities. he wears the hat because he doesn't like that he's balding.

Hire him, he's a cool guy! What about you guys? Show me your Arisen, so we may share them, and gain new knowledge about many areas!