Share Your Fallout 4 Story

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Welcome the wasteland, mungos.

Fallout 4 is here and our adventure has begun. The beauty of the Fallout franchise is that we all experience a story unique to us.

Are you the noble do-gooder? The mustache twirling villain? The one who steals everything that isn't nailed down? Whichever character you role play as (or maybe you do stockpile hundreds of rusty tin cans, I'm not here to judge) we want to hear your story.

In this thread you can share your, pictures, videos, strategies, roleplaying ideas, and adventures. If you want to use a fancy build planner you can check out this thread started by CoRaMo

We do ask that you be mindful and not spoil big plot points to the game's various quests. If you would like to discuss spoilers, please use the spoiler tag. That's the black box on the comment toolbar.

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That's it my friends, share your tales here and I'll see you in the wasteland.