The one problem I have with this game

I really like this game, some people dislike the stuff you have to do on the side like hunting and activating radio towers.

Well I don't mind doing all that. When activating a radio tower I will even look up some appropriate music to go along with it. (like this)

The hunting part is also fun to do, I'm really in love with how they did the whole animal system in itself. I was suprised quite a few times with a bear or tiger charging at me and before I go swimming I really really have to kill all the sharks first. And most people will be attacked by alligators at the most unsuspecting moments, like me when I was blowing up something and had to run away in 15 seconds.

But to go back to why I created this topic, it has to do with hunting. Well so you go hunting for a specific animal, look at the map, set waypoint drive to it. You arrive and there is no animal to be seen. My first thought was that; Yeah, I might have scared them off with the engine sound, that's what happens in real life so it would make sense if they programmed it that way.

The next time I jump out of the car a few hundred meters before the place that those animals where supposed to be according to the map. I set out in a brisk pace while being careful about the amount of noise that I make. I run around the whole area, no animal to be seen. Then I waited around 2 minutes and then I saw some animals appear from nowhere. Immersion was broken instantly.

Its too bad that openworld games still suffer from this.