The best young players of FIFA 13

Let's use this thread for those cheap young players who give an amazing overall later on in the game

My list

  • Axel Witsel (CM) - goes upto 89 in 2 seasons, makes some amazing passes and good distribution.
  • Papadopolous(CB) - Decent header of the ball but a bit slow, pretty young too.
  • Paul Pogba(CM) - 80 at 20 years of age approx? Not bad, eh? Great tackler
  • Cristian Tello(Winger) - 76 at 20, Really really fast, like really fast. Overall doesn't increase much though.
  • Morata(ST) - 70 at 19. Not played much with him yet
  • Danilo(RB) - 78
And pro -tip Get Neymar, he's definitely the best player in FIFA 13