FIFA 15 Demo (Current-Gen)

I've really enjoyed playing the new FIFA 15 demo released this week (I'm playing on PS4 BTW). I've just noticed one thing in particular that seems hilariously different... The goalkeepers are ridiculously OP! ; )

They seem to be well improved over their predecessors. Every game I've played so far the opposition keepers have had well over ten saves. And these are not just easy saves they're making. They are catching diving headers at point blank range, getting fingertips to a shot after a brilliantly executed (if I do say so myself) two on one, and jumping like spring heeled cats to catch top corner shots.

The rest of the game is brilliant and seems a real step forward for the franchise, but I've been having such a laugh with the keepers that I thought I should share my feelings and see if anyone else has noticed the same thing, or if it's just that I've suddenly gotten terrible at shooting... So fellow polynauts, what are your thoughts?