Final Fantasy 50% Sale: Help others choose by voting for the best game

Howdy Polynauts. As Megan informed us earlier on, tomorrow sees the start of the great Final Fantasy '50% off' sale on the PlayStation Store for the North American market. We've been lucky to have this deal in Europe for the last two weeks, and let me tell you - I picked up four games just for the convenience of playing them in the future on a variety of devices. I own them already in disc form, but its handy to have a backup.

But if you're not a hardcore fan of the Final Fantasy series, how do you know what game will be right for you?

Do you go with popular opinion and FF7? Or do you go for the (partly) feel-good factor of FF9? Who knows, maybe you're a keen fan of tactical warfare? Either way, here's where you can vote for the game you think your fellow Polynauts will enjoy the most. Maybe you can make your case in the comments below too, eh?

So vote for the game you thinks best, we'll let this run for 13 days.

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