Hello and Welcome. Let's talk Fire Emblem.

Do you want to talk more about Fire Emblem? Really? ME TOO!

Let's talk about Fire Emblem: Awakening. Talk about the characters you paired together, talk about the losses you suffered, talk about what you loved or hated, talk about weapons you've forged, talk about how you've changed your phone ringtones to musical scores from the game... anything and everything Fire Emblem.

I'm on my second play-through now. I first went through on Normal Casual, just to get familiar with the game and enjoy the story. Now I'm going back through on Lunatic Classic. It was rough for the first couple chapters, but it's smooth sailing now (mostly due to the Golden Gaffe DLC). I married Chrom to my tactician in the first play-through, which made for some interesting plot interactions. I'm a male tactician this time, but still looking to use relationships to complicate the plot... if you know what I mean.

What about you? How's your game going? Who's married to whom? Any particularly crushing deaths? How many resets has it taken to keep everyone alive?

SPOILERS are welcome but please say SPOILERS first!

p.s. I added a poll just to see what they look like (I'm new here).

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